3 Insanely Gorgeous Pants Trends to Follow In Summer 2018

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again- A good pair of pants has the potential to make or break an outfit. While it is important to find the perfect pair that gives you that apple bottom shape, slims your legs, and proportions your torso with the rest of your body; the options seem limitless with so many styles, cuts, and colors that frankly-it’s a bit overwhelming!
I’ve narrowed down my choices to three fabulous trends that are foundational pieces perfect for the summer! These options come from my new favorite online store for tall girls, Alloy Apparel! Alloy Apparel offers adaptable and affordable pieces that you can pair and coordinate to keep every tall girl looking fabulous all summer long!
Wide Leg Pants
Wide leg pants are the new skinnies this summer- there I said it! Whether they feature a slit at the ankle, breezy, or are tapered , they are sure to make a statement that is oh so feminine and exceptionally sexy! The subtle accentuation allows a peek of your ankle and feet, which gives the illusion of long statues legs. Now, of course if you’re a tall girl like me- you don’t have trouble in this department, but you do get the added benefit of demonstrating the allure of femininity of a skirt while maintaining cool and comfortable in the summer heat!
Want to give this trendy style a whirl? Shop my favorite tall babe choice here
Embroidered Denim
This choice is a no brainer for me. I think I might actually have an obsession for embroidery detail judging by the amount already in my closet (oops). But, when choosing the perfect pair, I usually go for a light- medium wash denim for the summer. These washes give you that casual day look that pairs so easy with virtually any color in your wardrobe. Throw in the touches of embroidery and you have an instant outfit! Denim fits everyone and is your safest option on those days when you don’t know what to wear- why not have some fun with it!
Are you embroidery obsessed yet? Shop my favorite tall babes here
Summer Denim
Something to Blush Over
Colored denim is making a comeback! That’s right, breakout your colorful happy hues and pastels this summer because they are back on trend. Thankfully, we aren’t speaking of those bright blinding colors like yellow and green. This trend tones down the hue for a delicate subtle take on a pop of color. One of my favorites is blush- which surprisingly compliments many skin tones and an array of body types (win win!) Personally, I enjoy wearing this trend as a skinny leg as I find it balances my mid-summer time glow and is an easy statement piece. Keep an eye out for fresh details, too — raw hems, ultrahigh waists, and ’90s-style distressing make for totally cool takes.
Want to taste the rainbow? Shop my tall babe choice here
 Blush Denim
Ready to shop more tall babe choices? Check out Alloy Apparel where they got tall covered!

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