Can Your Shoes Be Vegan Too?? The Newest Shoe Brand to Look Out For!

What are vegan shoes anyway? They are vegan in the traditional sense just like in foods, however, please don’t try to eat it. What it simply means that they are made without any animal ingredients or by-products! It’s a win-win for consumers and our impact to stop the cruelty to animals.

I’ve teamed up with this amazing company, BANG Shoes to share adventure inspiration and fashion that gives back!

BANGS shoes are 100% vegan and are created in a humane, safe and clean environment for its workers. BANGS (meaning ‘help‘ in Mandarin) believes in the power of adventure- with every purchase the company invests 20% into entrepreneurs to begin their journey! As an entrepreneur, I resonate with this the most and know that many of you will too!

I feel so lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to be part of such an incredible brand that focuses on uplifting, adventuring and helping others!

Want a pair for yourself? I have an awesome code that will get you money off your first purchase. Just send me a private message and I got you!

I am currently their National Nomad High Tops that come with a fill-able map of the United States! Allowing you to color in each state you visit as your adventure continues!

They have tons of other styles on their website to choose from for guys & gals. Take a look around and remember you are making a difference in the dreams of an entrepreneur!

Good Luck,