Fashion, Work Uniform Challenge Aug 2018

The First 5 Days: Creating a Signature Work Uniform [August Challenge]

Hello Beautiful People!

This is my first check in post to follow-up on my progress after creating a signature work uniform for the month of August. Please read my previous post here, for the reasons why I chose to challenge my personal wardrobe and self-confidence.

The outfit that I chose was relatively simple, versatile, and comfortable. I went to my favorite place to shop online that I knew would work for my body shape and height; Old Navy and purchased their signature full length black Pixie pants and the perfect striped popover cotton blouse. I choose to purchase 1 pair of pants (I currently have the same pair already in my wardrobe to serve as a back up  in case of emergency) and 4 blouses since I am technically in the office Monday-Thursday. As you can see here I already made a killer savings with shipping and the automatic store discount!

wardrobe uniform

Day 1: (August 1) *Eye-roll* My items have not arrived and while I place this order on July 26, it did not ship from the facility until July 31st, making this 30 day challenge a start a bit later than anticipated. BUT I am hopeful that my items will ship in the next few days, and hopefully arrive by early next week so I can get this ball rollin’! I thought about McGyver (ing) my wardrobe to create a uniform of my own, but realized my wardrobe isn’t as synced to pull off the concept of a uniform (womp, womp).

Day 2: (August 2) My items are in route to arrive by FRIDAY! Yes!!

Day 3: (August 3) My items have arrived and they fit perfectly (as expected). I pulled some accessories from my closet, belts, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarfs as added flair to my uniform. I also created an un-boxing video on my Instagram stories so you can see exactly what I got and my first impressions! Check out that video on my channel  @thread.lift

or follow the link here to watch:


Day 4: (August 4) Weekend

Day 5: (August 5) This day is usually filled with feelings of nostalgia for the weekend past as I prep for the morning. Typically I gather my bag with my planner, keys, wallet, computer, notebook, lunch and then make my way to my closet to pick out an outfit for work. But this Sunday was different. This Sunday, I didn’t have to worry about what I wanted to wear. I didn’t have to swipe left in my closet and struggle to find an outfit— as I remembered that I’ve already prepped for the entire month! (YAS).

With that worry out the window, I felt the weight of anxiety that builds up within me suddenly release as I went back to the living room and put on another episode of Orange is the New Black.

I will check in with a review of the next 5 days to let you know things are going!