The #1 Reason These Retailers Make the Perfect Fit for Tall Boss Babes

As a woman who is 5’9″ it could be arguable that I am (not that) tall in comparison to other women. However, what is not arguable is my pain when trying to find clothing retailers that have figured out my long legs and arms in a way that makes me look like the goddess I am! (lol)

With that said, here are my top choices for retailers for ladies who are 5’8″ and up! And the #1 reason why they are perfect; it’s BECAUSE THEY GET US!

Read on:

ASOS Tall: It doesn’t matter what occasion you are dressing for, chances are ASOS will have you covered with everyday basics to formal events. Their prices and frequent online sales add the cherry on top to this first pick.

Old Navy: Seriously, I have never tried on a pair of Old Navy tall apparel and said, “this isn’t long enough for me”. In fact, I’ve had the opposite experience with some items and their regular sizing did just the trick. If you haven’t tried Old Navy, you’ve been asleep…it’s time to wake up.

Alloy Apparel: A new to me brand that I am dying to try! Their entire line is dedicated to tall women, and they even have categories that are specific to women 5’8″ and under so theirs a size for every type of “tall girl”. Another new brand for me that I am eager to try. I stumbled across their profile on IG after they liked a post of mine and their story has caught my attention! Their mission is heavily rooted in women empowerment and the idea that tall is not restricted to just length, but that it also comes in a variety of shapes & sizes!

J.Jill: One of my favorite brands to wear and resell! They offer over 200+ styles for tall women that are stylish, easy to wear and versatile for any wardrobe.

I hope these brands are intriguing to you as they are for me! Let me know of your fave retailers to shop!